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Antitrust Epic Games (Fortnite) Decisive Round Against Google

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Antitrust Epic Games (Fortnite) Overcomes Google In The Final Round

Antitrust Epic Games Over three years after it began its uprising against Apple and Google, Epic Games secured a significant win over the search engine on Monday. The jury in California found that the tech giant is abusing its monopoly on the market for mobile applications, harming developers. Google intends to appeal the ruling.

A huge relief for Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who launched a war against Apple and Google in the summer of 2020 because they control the majority of the world’s mobile market. The court will start working on retaliatory actions in January. I appreciate your support, everyone! Free Fortnite! ยป, he announced, criticizing their payment methods and forcing people to pay excessively high (30%) commissions.

Antitrust Epic Games

Epic’s lawyers said in the 2020 complaint’s opening, “When Google was founded in 1998, it was a fascinating young company with a unique motto: ‘Don’t Be Evil.'” Twenty-two years later, Google is exploiting its size to hurt rivals, inventors, customers, and users in a variety of areas it is poised to monopolize. It has demoted its currency to second position.

The jury found in favor of Epic Games on all counts

The jury ruled in favor of Epic Games on all counts, concluding that Google does have a monopoly on the markets for mobile services and the distribution of apps for Android, the company’s mobile operating system. payment for applications. They believe that Google engaged in anti-competitive action in these areas, causing Epic harm. Additionally, they contend that there is an illegal connection between the Google Play Store application store and its payment mechanism, Google Play Billing.

Epic Games declared in a statement that was made public later that “today’s verdict is a victory for all app developers and consumers around the world.” The business said that Google “abuses its monopoly to extract exorbitant fees, stifle competition, and reduce innovation.”

Google will contest the verdict

Wilson White, a vice president at Google, answered in a news release, “We plan to contest the verdict.” More options and transparency are provided by Android and Google Play than by any other significant mobile platform. We are in direct competition with Apple and its App Store, as well as the app shops for Android smartphones and gaming consoles. As the case made evident,” he went on. Google’s attorney, Jonathan Kravis, contended that even in the absence of commission. .The publisher did not charge less to customers who purchase through its shop (as opposed to through Android or a gaming console). Once more, Epic Games launched a counterattack, demanding to be permitted to utilize the Play Store “for free.” “We would all like remarkable things, jurors.

Fortnite’s revenge after a defeat against Apple

The Fortnite studio is pleased with its win because it lost a crucial round in its trial. Against Apple in 2021 for the same reasons. A federal judge in the United States found that Epic had not proven that Apple had violated competition law. Despite ordering the iPhone maker to approve a different payment method inside the App Store.

When selling paid content to its consumers. Developers are required by the Apple brand to utilize its own exclusive in-app purchase system, or “IAP”. Users must download applications from the App Store and use Apple’s payment system to make payments. If they want to access paid content on the app, as is the case with Fortnite.

Antitrust Epic Games

A hold on the application distribution market

In contrast to Apple, Google permits other retailers. However, the Fortnite publisher claims that this is untrue and that Android isn’t really any more open than iOS. “In the United States, only 3% of Android phones have been able to download an alternate app store from the internet.” Epic’s attorney Gary Bornstein stated in his closing statement on Monday. Above all, he attacked Google for misusing its authority to enter into agreements with other businesses to maintain. Its dominance in the application distribution industry.

An argument akin to that made by the Department of Justice’s prosecutors. Who charges the Californian group with establishing its empire through illicit exclusivity contracts rather than popularity. Explaining why its search engine is pre-installed on products and services from Apple and Samsung in particular. Epic conflicts with a monopoly. “Everyone benefits when Epic triumphs,” said Gary Bornstein.



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