The monopoly of the digital

The monopoly of the digital giants is eroding

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The monopoly of the digital giants (Google, Apple vs Epic Games)

The monopoly of the digital giants after accusing Google of abusing its monopoly, Epic Games, better known as “Fortnite,” has just prevailed in court. For the same reasons, the publisher had already lost a lawsuit, this time against Apple. Eroding the two titans’ extraordinary wealth would take time, according to Philippe Escande, an economic journalist for “Le Monde.”

The cornerstones of society are justice and the law, yet judges are people just like everyone else, and their decision-making is not automated. This Monday, December 11, saw the recurrence of this injustice when an American judge chastised Google in the lawsuit it was facing from Epic Games, the publisher of the popular video game Fortnite. However, the latter had previously lost in a trial in 2021 based on the identical complaints Epic had always made, but this time against Apple. In each case, the question arose as to whether the two industry titans were exploiting their monopolies on mobile application shops to keep rivals from providing better options.

The monopoly of the digital

The monopoly of the digital giant Apple’s monopoly(Fortnite)

To promote its games independently and avoid having to pay hefty fees to Google Playstore or Apple App Store, Epic intends to open its store. The digital giant Apple’s monopoly. The commission is about thirty percent of the buying price in both situations. And there are no other options, with most phones running on the Android or iOS operating systems from Google or Apple.

Please take note that we are discussing a market worth around $500 billion, to which the two guardians—referred to as the “gatekeepers” by the Anglo-Saxons—tightly regulate admission. This is the most comprehensive and stable monopoly arrangement, which we refer to as a “duopoly.” Thus, the trial reveals that, with a 70% profit margin, Google would have earned close to 12 billion dollars (11.1 billion euros) in revenues from this operation alone in 2021. difficult to defeat. It is a significant portion of Apple’s services division. Which generates about $80 billion in revenue annually.

The monopoly of the digital

Considerable income

The Wall Street Journal claims that the two buddies make more money from video games alone than from Activision, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony put together. These activities have become necessities in light of the global decline in smartphone sales. Because of this, they obstruct any rival endeavor on the pretext of protecting the integrity of their operating systems. Google pays Apple $20 billion a year to be its default search engine because of the extent of the conspiracy.


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