Victory For Epic Games

Victory For Epic Games Against Google Accused Illegal Monopoly

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Victory for Epic Games against Google Which Is Charged With Illegal Monopoly

Victory For Epic Games a California jury rendered a unanimous verdict against Google, handing Epic Games a significant win over the internet giant for abusing its monopoly in the mobile app market at the expense of creators.

“Google is the loser! ยป, Tim Sweeney’s launch on X (formerly Twitter). The head of the Fortnite publisher has been fighting Google and Apple, the two companies that control most of the worldwide mobile market, for over three years. “After hearing in-depth testimony for four weeks, the jury found against Google Play’s monopoly on all counts. The court will start working on retaliatory actions in January. I appreciate your support, everyone! Bonus Fortnite! “, he continued.

Victory For Epic Games

They contend that Google engaged in anti-competitive action in these markets, causing Epic harm and that there is no legal connection between the Google Play application store and its payment mechanism, Google Play Billing.

The decision rendered today is a win for all users and app developers worldwide. In the process, Epic Games released a statement saying. “It demonstrates that Google’s practices (in the mobile app market) are unlawful. And that (Google) abuses its monopoly to extract exorbitant fees, stifle competition, and reduce innovation.”

Victory for Epic Games United States against Google

The Fortnite studio is pleased with its win because it lost a crucial round in its trial. Apple in 2021 for the same reasons. In addition to directing the iPhone maker to approve a different payment method inside the App Store. A US federal judge concluded that Victory for Epic Games had not provided sufficient evidence to support Apple’s alleged infringement of copyright.

Furthermore, Google’s loss occurred in a legally challenging situation for the American company. Since then we accuse it of holding a monopoly in the search engine industry. This fall saw a historic trial; the outcome is still unknown.

Victory For Epic Games

Through their Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The Epic United States claims that Apple and Google are pressuring app creators to use their download platforms. The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) and payment gateways. And of charging them excessively large (30%) commissions. As asserted by Epic’s legal team in the 2020 lawsuit. “When Google was formed in 1998. It was a fascinating young company with a single motto: + Don’t Be Evil +.”


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